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ProTouch 2014450 Dovetail/Jamb Saw, 10 in L 2 in T, 14 TPI DeWalt DWHT20541 Flush Cut Pull Saw, 5 in L, 23 TPI, Aggressive FatMax 20-331 Mini Flush Cut Pull Saw, 4-3/4 in L, 22 TPI
Our Price: $18.45
Our Price: $20.87
Our Price: $20.92
ProTouch 2014450 Dovetail/Jamb Saw DeWalt DWHT20541 Flush Cut Pull Saw FatMax 20-331 Mini Flush Cut Pull Saw
ProTouch Dovetail/Jamb Saw, ProTouch, 10 in Blade Length, 2 in Blade Thickness, 14 TPI, Cushion Grip, Ergonomic Handle DeWalt Pull Saw, Flush Cut, DeWalt, 5 in Blade Length, 23 TPI, Aggressive Teeth, Comfort Grip Handle, Plastic With Rubber Overmold Handle, For Flooring Contractors Cabinetmakers and Woodworkers FatMax Pull Saw, Mini Flush Cut, FatMax, 4-3/4 in Blade Length, 23 TPI, Cushion Grip Handle, For Trimming Through Tenon or Lap Joints
Irwin 213104 Dovetail/Detail Saw, 7-1/4 in L, 22 TPI FatMax 15-252K Back Saw, 10 in L X 3 in W, 15 TPI Irwin 213103 Double Edge Saw, 9-1/2 in L, 7/17 TPI
Our Price: $21.05
Our Price: $22.35
Our Price: $30.28
Irwin 213104 Dovetail/Detail Saw FatMax 15-252K Back Saw Irwin 213103 Double Edge Saw
Irwin Dovetail/Detail Saw, Irwin, 7-1/4 in Blade Length, 22 TPI, Polymer Handle, For Flush Cutting Dowels FatMax Back Saw, FatMax, 10 in Blade Length, 3 in Blade Width, 15 TPI, Steel Blade, Reversible, Cushion Grip Handle, For Precise Cutting Including Dovetails, Small Joints and Cut-Off Irwin Double Edge Saw, Irwin, 9-1/2 in Blade Length, 7/17 TPI, Polymer Handle, For Utility Ripping and Cross Cutting
Irwin 213101 Hand Saw, 12 in L, 14 TPI Vaughan & Bushnell BS250D Double Edge Hand Saw, 10 in L x 4-7/8 in W x 0.02 in T, 18 TPI
Our Price: $33.48
Our Price: $44.01
Irwin 213101 Hand Saw Vaughan & Bushnell BS250D Double Edge Hand Saw
Irwin Hand Saw, Irwin, 12 in Blade Length, 14 TPI, Polymer Handle, For Carpentry Work, Cross Cutting and Ripping Vaughan & Bushnell Hand Saw, Double Edge, Vaughan & Bushnell, 10 in Blade Length, 4-7/8 in Blade Width, 0.02 in Blade Thickness, 18 TPI, Tri-Ground Teeth, 23 in Overall Length, Spring Steel Blade, For Sawing Applications
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